Free Consultation

There’s no way to know in advance whether or not we may be able to work well together.

All the initial risk is on me for our trying to find out:  You may have a 10-minute initial consultation without any financial cost and without any obligation.

How?  Simply go to and follow the prompts to schedule one at a mutually convenient time.

If you are in North America, I’ll call you at the scheduled time.  We’ll have a private, one-on-one talk on the phone or (if you prefer) Skype.  If you are outside North America, you must call me and also you must have the ability to speak English well.

To make the most of your consultation, I suggest that you limit your focus to one specific difficulty you are experiencing.

If you really want to make the most of your consultation, read one of my books before it.  If your problem is primarily emotional, I recommend Emotional Facelift.  If your problem is not primarily emotional, I recommend Are You Living Without Purpose?  Both books are available at for less than $5 in e-book format (and under $10 in paperback).

Of course, since I may die, become ill, or retire, the opportunity to consult with me may expire at any time without notice.

If, at the end of our consultation, you want to continue and I think that we may be a good fit, you may schedule additional paid sessions at the pricing below.

Pricing for Help Transitioning From Worry to Wisdom

It’s astounding that people will pay six figures for a better house, fifty thousand or more each year for a good prep school or college, several thousand dollars for a week’s vacation, or even a thousand dollars for some new clothes without attaining any lasting satisfaction.

Instead, why not help yourself by learning how to live better?  Whatever the initial price, its long-term value may be priceless.

Furthermore, it’s actually better for you as well as for me if you pay for it.  Why?  It’s that we tend not to value what we obtain for free.  In other words, because you’ll have some skin in the game, you should be more motivated to get the most from our session(s).

In addition to having cognitive blinds spots, it’s difficult for all of us to gain sufficient perspective on our own situations simply because we are in the middle of them.  For that reason, even just one session may be sufficient to make a big difference.

Tom R., Albany, NY:  “Dennis’s insights and guidance have helped me transcend what could be a very painful, distressing, and challenging time of my life into a period of healing, growth, and tranquility.”

A “session” with me is a private, one-on-one telephone consultation that lasts a minimum of 50 minutes.  Clients pay in advance and, since it’s impossible for me to tell in advance whether or not you’ll take appropriate action, there’s no guarantee or refund.

One session is $249. USD

Three sessions (one per week for three weeks) are $599. USD

Five sessions (not more frequently than one per week) are $899. USD

Reduced rates of at least $100 off per session are available for high school or college students; anyone with 10 or more years service in the U.S. armed forces; anyone 60 or older who is retired; anyone who is disabled and unable to work; anyone with 10 or more years service as a uniformed first responder; anyone who has been employed full-time as a teacher for 10 or more years;  anyone with 10 or more years service as a spiritual counselor (such as a minister, priest, imam, or rabbi); anyone with a recommendation from a psychiatrist or other licensed medical doctor or from licensed clinical psychologist; or anyone with an advanced degree in philosophy.  Evidence of service is required in advance.

Furthermore, special discounts are offered occasionally.  For example, in the spring of 2019 there is a whopping 60% discount available.  However, if that interests you, don’t wait because it may expire without notice at any time.