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Hi!  I strongly encourage you to click the following link to watch an intro video.  It should really orient you.  Cheers,  Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D. 


Personal Background:

Birth: 3 July 1946; Teaneck, New Jersey, U.S.A.

High school: Blair Academy (diploma; 1964)

Undergraduate: Syracuse University (B.A. [philosophy]; 1968)

Graduate: The University of Iowa (Ph.D. [philosophy]; ‘77)

Teaching: 1977-2009 SUNY Geneseo [philosophy & humanities].  Counseling was part of my job for 32 years.                                                         

 Coaching Credentials:  Although I’ve studied coaching with Eben Pagan and learned a lot from him, I’ve been certified as a life coach by Christian Mickelsen’s Rapid Coaching Academy and have also been certified as an Instant Miracle Master from his Instant Miracle Mastery program.

What’s the most important criterion for selecting a coach?  According to Eckhart Tolle (and I agree with him),  it’s the degree of a coach’s spiritual development.  How can you determine that?

The way that I recommend is to use the Map of Consciousness developed by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.  Everything real has an energetic vibration.  His Map is a logarithmic scale of human consciousness from 1 to 1000.  The most important divisions occur at 200, which is the level of empowerment; 500, which is the split between materiality and spirituality; and 600, which is the level of sagehood.  The most spiritually developed human beings such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ calibrate at 1000.  Perhaps the best way to interpret the scale is as degrees of love:  there is no love below 200 and maximum love calibrates at 1000.  Love begins at 200 and rises slowly to 500, at which level it really blossoms.  Unconditional love begins at 540.  Sages are the greatest lovers.  So, since a coach is a hired friend whose work is to help you live better, i.e., to love you, the higher a coach’s calibration, the better.  Only about 4% of human beings calibrate at 500 or higher and only about .4% calibrate at 600 or higher.  Calibrations are similar to snapshots; they can rise or fall over time.  I recommend that you aim for a personal calibration for yourself of 540 or higher — or at least 500 or higher.  My own personal calibration has been in the mid- to upper-590’s for quite a while.  (If possible, avoid working with a coach whose personal calibration is 499 or lower, which is where most coaches calibrate.)

I’ve been a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, since 1964.  I’m very grateful for the life I’ve had, and I’ve no complaint whatsoever.  

Blog on wisdom and well-being, where there are hundreds of posts available for free that you might find helpful:


Published Books:

For a list of my published books, simply search for ‘Dennis E. Bradford’ at amazon.com in ‘Books’ or the Kindle store.  (I’ve written 34 books, but about half a dozen are works of fiction under pen names.)  My most recent books are Emotional Facelift, Are You Living Without Purpose?, Introduction to Living Well, 3 Common Myths About Emotions that Keep Us Stuck!, and Emotional Empowerment:  Killing Emotions.

Articles Online:


Personality Profile:

I’m an INTJ.  Briefly, that means that I’m energized by solitude rather than other people.  I tend to pay more attention to information from intuition rather than sensing.  I make decisions on the basis of thought rather than emotion, and I organize my surreality in terms of judgments rather than perceptions.  Positively, INTJ’s typically are excellent creative strategists who are often complex, bright visionaries who are very adept at logical analysis. They are usually very independent, strong-willed, and determined.

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American Philosophical Association

Rochester Metro Hockey League

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