There’s no way to know in advance whether or not we may be able to work well together.

Have you recently suffered from an important loss?  Are prolonged unwanted emotions disturbing you?  If so, here’s what I suggest.  Go to and watch the 4-minute video there.

Then, if you might like to learn quickly how to dissolve unwanted emotions, book a telephone call and let’s talk.

If you’re not in acute emotional distress or don’t want to talk on the phone, consider doing some reading that may enable you to become happier.

If your interest is primarily emotional, I recommend my Emotional Facelift, Emotional Empowerment, and/or How to Dissolve Unwanted Emotions. (An even shorter book, which you may download free from my site is 3 Common Myths About Emotions That Keep Us Stuck!)

If your interest is more general, consider Are You Living Without Purpose? or Introduction to Living Well, which are both inexpensive and readily available at

Since I’m in my mid-70’s and may soon become ill, retire, or die, the opportunity to consult with me may expire at any time without notice

Pricing for Help Transitioning From Worry to Wisdom

It’s astounding that people will pay six figures for a better house, fifty thousand or more each year for a good prep school or college, several thousand dollars for a week’s vacation, or even a thousand dollars for some new clothes without attaining any lasting satisfaction.

Instead, why not help yourself by learning how to live better?  Whatever the initial price, its long-term value may be priceless.

Furthermore, it’s actually better for you as well as for me if you pay for it.  Why?  It’s that we tend not to value what we obtain for free.  In other words, because you’ll have some skin in the game, you should be more motivated to get the most from our session(s).  When we pay, we pay attention.

In addition to having cognitive blinds spots, it’s difficult for all of us to gain sufficient perspective on our own situations simply because we are in the middle of them.

Tom R., Albany, NY:  “Dennis’s insights and guidance have helped me transcend what could be a very painful, distressing, and challenging time of my life into a period of healing, growth, and tranquility.”

Since our attention diminishes after 20 or 30 minutes, I don’t offer sessions that go longer than that (although sometimes sessions may run a bit longer than that).  A telephone coaching session is typically about 30 minutes.  Since seeing each other is distracting, they just consist of talking and listening on the phone.  It’s an easy, convenient way to communicate one-on-one.

Initial Sessions

If you visit, you’ll see that I offer an initial telephone session in which I teach you how to dissolve any buried unwanted emotion for just $99!  Furthermore, it’s fully guaranteed; you pay me prior to the session but, if at its end you don’t think I’ve delivered and let me know, I’ll refund every penny.

Imagine having the confidence that comes from understanding how to dissolve unwanted emotions for the rest of your life!  Imagine gaining that confidence, risk-free, for just $99!

If you’ve already mastered how to dissolve any unwanted emotion and instead want the best proactive technique for obstructing the rise of unwanted emotions in the first place rather than the reactive technique, I also offer an alternative initial coaching session on the phone to teach you that for just $99 and it’s also fully guaranteed!

If you’ve not already mastered how to dissolve any unwanted emotion, you may schedule the session to learn the proactive technique a week or two after you master the reactive technique.  So, for just two payments of $99, you’ll immunize yourself from prolonged emotional suffering for the rest of your life!

What if you might like more coaching after that?

Additional Programs

All my coaching clients must start with either one of those initial sessions or with both of them.  That will be sufficient for us to determine if we have a good rapport.  If we do and you’d like more coaching from me, it may be available.

I offer one intermediate program (for three figures) on how to achieve and maintain a lower, healthier percentage of body fat.  A requirement for that program is that you master both the introductory techniques mentioned above.  Contact me for more details.  (Over time your reduced health care costs should more than pay the program’s cost of just a few hundred dollars.)

My best program is my 6-month life coaching program (for four figures).  It includes ensuring that you are maximizing the best practices for you spiritually, emotionally, morally, intellectually, physically, and financially.  This is training only for those who are really serious about living well.  Contact me for more details.

Reduced rates are available only for the intermediate and life coaching programs; they are not available for either of the initial sessions.

You may qualify for a reduced rate if you’re able to provide written documentation that you are:

  • a high school or college student;
  • someone with 10 or more years service in the U.S. armed forces;
  • someone 60 or older who is retired;
  • someone who is physically or mentally disabled and unable to work at a normal job;
  • someone with 10 or more years service as a uniformed first responder;
  • someone who has been employed full-time as a teacher for 10 or more years;
  • someone with 10 or more years service as a spiritual counselor (such as a minister, priest, imam, or rabbi);
  • someone with a recommendation from a psychiatrist or other licensed medical doctor or from licensed clinical psychologist; or
  • someone with an advanced degree in philosophy from an accredited university.

Furthermore, special discounts may be offered occasionally.

Interested?  Contact me and I’ll answer your questions.