Nothing Abides

If you are acutely dissatisfied with the quality of your life, I recommend getting some professional help. There are plenty of effective psychiatrists and clinical psychologists available.  Your initial task is just to find someone well-qualified to work with you with whom you find it easy to establish rapport.

If you are normally dissatisfied with the quality of your life, I recommend reading all the free material that is available on this site.  Why not serve as your own consulting philosopher?  Use the self-examination questionnaire to help identify areas where you need to improve.

For more on these ideas, I recommend watching the 4-minute video on the homepage.

If your primary concern is emotional, I encourage you to consider my short book Emotional Facelift, Emotional Empowerment, and How to Dissolve Unwanted Emotions.  They clearly explain the structure of emotions and which concrete practices work and don’t work for dissolving unwanted emotions such as fear, anger, grief, guilt, and shame.  (All are available at

Also, I encourage you to check out my website:  You’ll find there a suggestion concerning an initial inexpensive but valuable step.

Here’s a (slightly dated) video that you may find helpful:

If your primary concern is other than emotional, the problem is likely to be that your life is unbalanced (off-center).  The simple, but not easy, cure for an unbalanced life is to re-balance it.  So that’s good news.  I have multiple, inexpensive books on that including Are You Living Without Purpose? and  Introduction to Living Well available at

Tom R., Albany, NY:  “Dennis’s insights and guidance have helped me transcend what could be a very painful, distressing, and challenging time of my life into a period of healing, growth, and tranquility.”

Especially if you are a North American, what you may need the most help with is “spiritual well-being.”  I recommend without reservation the books and trainings of recent sages such as David R. Hawkins and Eckhart Tolle.