Why Consult?

Why even consider consulting with anyone?

We all have our unique perspectives.  We all also have built-in biases that we don’t realize we have.  Although these biases can be useful, they also distort our understanding.

One such bias, and there are many, is the validation or confirmation bias, which is that we look for evidence that confirms what we already believe and we discount evidence that undermines what we believe.  As time goes by, our understanding naturally becomes more and more distorted.

This results in cognitive blind spots.  We all have them–and what’s insidious is that we don’t realize that we have them!

These blind spots can cause problems that we don’t realize that we have.  How can you fix a problem without realizing that you have it?

So, even though you may want to improve the quality of your life, you probably have problems that are blocking you and you are not even aware that you are being blocked!

This is where a good consultant can help.  A good consultant can help you identify problems that you already have, suggest solutions to those problems, and keep you accountable when implementing those solutions.

Here’s an analogy:  imagine yourself as sailing a great wooden ship on the ocean blue.  You suspect that you have a rotten plank somewhere that is permitting water to leak into the ship.  The problem is to find the leak and fix it while continuing to sail!

A good consultant may be able to assist you in fixing what ails you.

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